Advanced Engineering & EDM: Medical Device Experts

Advanced Engineering & EDM understands the unique requirements of medical device manufacturing, guaranteeing that our customers are able to maintain a competitive edge by offering a higher degree of precision and quality with their EDM components.


Medical Device Products

Advanced Engineering & EDM manufactures products such as:

  • Parts made from Custom Hypodermic Tubing
  • Dental Components
  • Cardio Vascular Surgery Components
  • Spinal Surgery Components and Surgical tools
  • Miniature Medical Components

Whether your part requires sub-thousandths of an inch tolerances, or less stringent requirements, AE&EDM’s precision electrical discharge machining process is consistent from part to part and lot to lot. Our preeminent goal is to meet and exceed our customer’s precision medical device EDM requirements.


Medical Device Quality Assurance

AE&EDM is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified, which ensures our medical device EDM products are of the highest quality and consistently conform to the most stringent customer requirements.

Medical Device Manufacturing requires a precision machining supplier who can deliver a quality product every time. When you choose AE&EDM, you can rely on our experience, expertise, and commitment to meeting your needs.

Contact us today and see what the top Medical Device manufacturers know – AE&EDM is the right choice for precision electrical discharge machining.